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Make an international order on Zozotown

Like most Japanese e-commerce sites, Zozotown does not offer international delivery by default. If you live abroad, you will need to use a proxy purchase service, such as White Rabbit Express, to receive your clothes at home.

Domestic shipping costs in Japan

Shipping costs to Japan are offered for all orders over 3000 yen. If the value of your cart is less than this amount, remember that White Rabbit Express, or any another proxy-buyer, will add these charges to your final bill.

How to order from Zozotown: a step-by-step guide


Step 1: Go to Zozo.jp


Step 2: Find a shop and search for items



Step 4: ...


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Famous Brands you can shop on Zozotown


Japanese fashion brands



Tomorrowland is a brand that offers both men's and women's clothing. Its collections have a refined and sophisticated design that is supposed to remain elegant in the future.

Buy Tomorrowland women's clothing-Buy Tomorrowland men's clothing

United Arrows

United Arrows is a Japanese company that has more than 200 select shops in Japan. Instead of only selling clothes and accessories from their own brand, they partnered with more than ten other designers and brands to offer a wider choice of high-end products.

Buy United Arrows women's clothing-Buy United Arrows men's clothing

Urban Research Doors

Urban Research is another famous Japanese chain of apparel select shops. Originally, this brand from Osaka started as a Jeans shop in the 70's. Urban Research Doors is their biggest brand with 65 stores spread all over Japan.

Buy Urban Research Doors women's clothing-Buy Urban Research Doors men's clothing


WEGO is also an apparel select shop chain. It is higly inspired by casual fashion of teenagers and young adults from neighbourhoods like Harajuku, Shimokitazawa (both in Tokyo) and Shinsaibashi (Osaka). It has now more than a hundred shops all around Japan.

Buy WEGO women's clothing-Buy WEGO men's clothing

Japanese and Japan-exclusive streetwear





Adidas Originals

The famous German brand often offers shoes or clothing only for sale in Japan. Zozotown is the perfect place to find these rare pieces.

Buy Adidas Originals clothes

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zozotown available in English?

Zozo.jp is only available in Japanese. But you can change that by using the Google Translate Chrome extension. With it, you will be able to automatically translate web pages in the language of your choice. Be aware this tool is not perfect. So some translations may be wrong, and you may also encounter unexpected errors using this tool.

Where can I find used clothes?

Zozotown dedicates an entire section of its website to second-hand clothing. This section is named ZOZOUSED and get over 15,000 new ads a day.

Browse on ZOZOUSED

Can I use LINE Pay on Zozotown?

You can use LINE Pay to buy clothes on Zozotown from your mobile. There is no commission on transactions coming from this famous Japanese app. To use LINE Pay, you'll have to go to "Other" tab in the LINE app and click on "LINE Pay" to register.

Special Tip: Add Zozotown in your LINE app

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