How to buy from Kingdom Note?

Kingdom Note is a Japanese pen and stationery shop that specializes in traditional fountain pens. You’ll find high-end products here including everything from replacement roller balls to ink cleaner kits.

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What is Kingdom Note?

Kingdom Note is a Japanese shop that offers stationery, fountain pens, ink, replacement parts, and note accessories. You can search for products, on their online shop, by manufacturer, ink type, country of origin, pen style, and more. What makes Kingdom Note so unique is the fact that they offer both new and used products for both sellers and manufacturers. To fully utilize the category filters, on the Kingdom Note website, switch the language to English at the top of the page.

Where to buy Kingdom Note products?

Shop online on Kingdom Note website

To shop on the Kingdom Note website, copy and paste the following URL into the address bar at the top of your screen: At the top of the page, you’ll notice a white drop-down bar asking you to select your language. By selecting English, in the drop-down menu, you’ll translate many of the pages of the website, making it easier to navigate and filter.

Kingdom Note’s Rakuten and Yahoo Shopping pages


You can also find Kingdom Note products on dedicated Kingdom Note shopping pages on Rakuten. Rakuten is the largest Japanese e-commerce website in the world, often being nicknamed the “Amazon of Japan.” The Kingdom Note shopping pages, on Rakuten, are a great place to find the latest products in both new and pre-owned qualities.

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Yahoo Shopping

Yahoo Shopping is another online destination that offers Kingdom Note products. Known as one of Japan’s largest online marketplaces, Yahoo’s shopping pages and auctions give you even more access one of a kind goods. Kingdom Note’s shopping pages, on Yahoo, are considered a special outlet where you’ll find high-end products sold in both new and second-hand qualities. What’s great about the Kingdom Note, Yahoo, listings is that most of the products have a one-year warranty. If a pre-owned product that’d you like to purchase is outside of the warranty time frame, Kingdom Note will provide free repairs should there be any issues.

Shop Yahoo

Fly to Tokyo and go to their store in Shinjuku

If you’re itching to see the vast selection of Kingdom Note products and accessories in person, you can visit their flagship store in Shinjuku. The beautiful Kingdom Note store is a must-see whether you’re an enthusiast of pens and stationery, or not.

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What to buy from Kingdom Note?

Fountain pens


Kingdom Note specializes in fountain pens, their parts, and their ink. If you’re trying to find a specific fountain pen manufacturer, ink type, color, material, tip, or more, Kingdom Note is the place to do it. Their vast selection is kept up to date and even features rare and limited edition models.

Ink for fountain pen


Not only is Kingdom Note known for their fountain pens but they’re often praised for the sheer number of ink types they have available. Offering both bottled and cartridge options, Kingdom Note’s wide selection of ink often features their own, popular, collaborations like the popular Sailor Vegetable Series.

Other stationery products


If you’re a fan of stationery and paper products, then you will love what Kingdom Note has to offer. Featuring modern designs and styles, Kingdom Note makes it easy to find the right paper with their filters for color, weight, and material.


Aside from the pens and ink, Kingdom Note also offers notebooks in a wide range of styles and sizes. You’ll find everything here from memo pads to traditional school notebooks.

Pencil Cases

Another stationery product you can purchase from Kingdom Note is a Japanese pencil case. Kingdom Note offers a plethora of traditional and unique pencil cases all ranging in style, color, and size.

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