Japanese online stores: where, why and how to buy from Japan

Our selection of the best Japanese online shops

To start, here is a list of Japanese online shops that we recommend. Of course, you can buy products on all these stores using White Rabbit Express.

How to buy from Amazon Japan

As in many other countries of the world, Amazon is one of the leaders of e-commerce in Japan. The site offers many Japan-exclusive items.

How to buy from Animate Online Shop Japan

The official Japanese online shop of Animate, where you can find thousands of merchandise relating to anime, manga, and video games!

How to buy from Aniplex Plus

The official store for Aniplex, a Japanese anime and music production company owned by Sony Music Entertainment Japan.

How to buy from BAPE Japan (A Bathing Ape)

BAPE, also known as A Bathing Ape, is a clothing brand that features street-wear and lifestyle attire for men, women, and children. BAPE is known for featuring a wide variety of exclusive merchandise and collaborating with other popular brands.

How to buy on Bic Camera online

Bic Camera is a chain of electronics stores. Its shop in Akihabara, Tokyo is known worldwide.

How to buy from Pixiv Booth (booth.pm)?

A website where many Japanese artists sell their works, such as charms, crafts, and doujinshi.

How to order from Toranoana

Toranoana is one of the largest doujinshi shops in Japan. These amateur works are produced by fans. They can take the form of mangas, animes, figurines, video games, and much more!

How to buy on Disney Store Japan

The Disney Japan online store offers exclusive Japanese products from the most popular licenses of the famous American studios.

How to buy from GU Japan

A fast-fashion retailer that is trendy and affordable. For those who love Japanese fashion, the must-haves of any season are available here.

How to buy from Kingdom Note?

Kingdom Note is a stationery-lovers dream featuring one of a kind notebooks, fountain pens, replacement parts, and more. Kingdom Note is known for its affordable prices and wide selection that can be filtered based upon new or second-hand goods.

How to buy from Kotobukiya Japan

Kotobukiya is one of the main producers and manufacturers of plastic models and figures as well as other anime related goods in Japan.

How to buy on Mandarake online store

They are the favorite chain stores of vintage products collectors. They have a wide selection of second-hand Japanese pop culture items.

How to buy from Melonbooks

A popular bookstore that specializes in selling doujinshi products, including manga, light novels, CDs, DVDs, dakimakura, and more.

How to buy from Mercari Japan

Mercari Japan is a C2C marketplace where you can purchase used or new items. It is favored by Japanese who want to empty their closets.

How to buy from Otamart

Otamart is the largest marketplace specializing in the sale and purchase of Otaku goodies. This is one of the best sources for finding rare anime or video game collectibles.

How to order on Pokémon Center Online Japan

The official Japanese online store of the video game license of Game Freaks and Nintendo. You will find any kind of exclusive products featuring your favorite pocket monsters.

How to buy from Premium Bandai Japan?

Bandai’s online-exclusive webshop that sells products by pre-orders only. They sell many must-have collectibles for fans of series such as Sailor Moon or Kamen Rider and are also extremely well known for their Gunpla kits.

How to buy from Punyus online store

Punyus, founded by Japanese comedian Naomi Watanabe, is a proud, body inclusive, clothing brand that offers sizes up to a U.S. size 16.

How to buy from Rakuma (formerly Fril)

Rakuma, formerly known as Fril, is an up and coming Japanese marketplace owned by Rakuten that is primarily accessed through a mobile application.

How to buy on Rakuten Japan?

Rakuten, often referred to as the “Amazon of Japan,” is the largest e-commerce website in Japan. If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind Japanese products, Rakuten has the largest, and one of the most unique, selections to choose from.

How to buy from Square Enix Store Japan

A Japanese video game developer, publisher, and distribution company, Square Enix is known for many of its franchises such as Kingdom Hearts and NieR:Automata.

How to buy from Surugaya

One of the main Japanese sites to buy new or used Japanese cultural products.

How to buy from Tower Records Japan

Tower Records is an international franchise that offers customers exclusive access to a vast selection of CDs, DVDs, books, and music-related retail that you won’t find anywhere else.

How to buy from Uniqlo Japan

Uniqlo Japan is a clothing company focused on providing apparel that aligns with their values of simplicity, quality, and longevity. You'll find everything here from unique graphic tees to shoes and even one of a kind accessories for the whole family.

How to buy from WEGO Japan online store?

WEGO is a Japanese clothing company that specializes in casual Harajuku-style clothing and accessories. The vast selection, available for both men and women, features one-of-a-kind collaborations with many famous brands.

How to buy items from Yahoo Auctions Japan

Yahoo Auctions is Japan's #1 auction site since eBay shut down the Japanese version of its site.

How to buy from Zozotown

Zozotown is the largest online store for fashionable goods in Japan. You will find a wide choice of brands, from collections born in the streets of Harajuku to the most famous luxury names.

Why buy products on Japanese online stores?

Many products are exclusively sold in Japan. This does not only include the video game, anime and Japanese popular culture industries. For example, fashion brands sometimes offer collections or pieces only available in Japanese stores. This is even true for European and American brands.

In addition, the Japanese second-hand market is exceptional! The Japanese take care of their items so much that used products sold on sites like Mercari or Yahoo Auctions are always in very good conditions. So you can find good deals by browsing on Japanese online stores.

All these factors make shopping on Japanese sites interesting to foreign buyers. Unfortunately, there are some barriers between non-Japanese consumers and online stores in Japan.

Is Japan a walled garden?

The problem with Japanese sellers is that very few of them decide to offer their products internationally. Most Japanese merchants only focus on their domestic market and make no effort to open up to the rest of the world.

This trend is reflected in various problems that non-residents of Japan may encounter when they want to buy Japanese items:

  • Japanese sites are rarely translated into other languages. It is therefore not really accessible to people who do not master the Japanese language. Moreover, the majority of sellers do not speak any foreign language.
  • Most often, Japanese e-commerce sites only deliver to Japan. No international shipping method is available.
  • Many Japanese sites do not accept foreign payment methods. Do not expect to use your North American or European credit card to pay for your order.
  • Some forms of sales favor people in Japan. This is particularly the case of auctions, limited edition items and pre-orders where you have to be reactive to get the product.

Use a proxy-buying service to purchase on Japanese stores

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