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Why buy Japanese wheels?

If you’re in the market for new wheels, you’ll want to consider exploring JDM wheels before making your final decision. JDM wheels seem to grow in popularity each day, and there’s an apparent reason why. Japanese wheels are made for a rougher and more unpredictable road than the wheels made in the United States and Europe. However, it’s not just their endurance that sets Japanese wheels apart.

JDM wheels are known for withstanding some serious wear and tear, and that’s thanks to the level of quality materials. Aside from the superior quality, JDM enthusiasts love the strict testing regulations and safety precautions in place to further protect them on the road. So, how do you purchase wheels meant for the Japanese Domestic Market? Keep reading to find out.

White Rabbit Express can help you!

Avoid the hassle of customs and a foreign check-out process with White Rabbit Express! Our proxy buying service allows you unique access to Japan’s most exclusive merchandise. All you have to do is copy and paste the URL of the product you want, into our order form, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Where to buy Japanese wheels?


Gooparts is a Japanese website dedicated to buying and selling car parts. This site is a great place to look for Japanese wheels because new products are being added every day. To make shopping easier, we advise you to download the Google Chrome Translator plugin because their website is only available in Japanese.


Croooober is another Japanese website dedicated to purchasing JDM parts directly from Japan. Although the website claims they can ship worldwide, many of the active resellers don’t offer services outside of Japan. On the rare chance that you do find a product that is able to ship to the United States, Australia or Europe, you’ll likely be dealing with someone who doesn’t speak English. If you want to make shopping on Croooober easier, you can use a proxy service like us!

Other JDM stores

If you’re looking for additional online stores that offer authentic JDM parts, we recommend checking out the sites below.

Auto Styles

Auto Styles is a Japanese website that specializes in aftermarket automotive parts made of fiber reinforced plastic. You can search for parts by the automotive manufacturer, parts manufacturer, and by the purpose of the part. Auto Styles has a wide selection that’s regularly updated, so make sure you continue to check back for more products.

I Love Motor

I Love Motor is a Japanese online shop that specializes in used motorcycle parts. You’ll find everything here from engines to battery covers all at an affordable price. The best part about shopping on I Love Motor is their frequent sales and new products.

Buy your wheels at auction and on C2C marketplaces

Yahoo Auctions Japan

If you’re interested in purchasing wheels at an auction or C2C marketplace, White Rabbit Express can help! Similar to eBay, Yahoo has its own center for online auctions that features a wide array of goods at affordable prices. If you’re a car enthusiast, you will love the vast and ever-changing selection on Yahoo Auctions.

Mercari Japan

Japanese customer to customer marketplaces are other popular places where you’ll find JDM parts for sale. One of the best platforms to look for Japanese wheels is Mercari. Mercari is one of Japan’s unique, online, flea markets that’s dedicated to connecting buyers and sellers with rare goods.

Rays Engineering

Rays Engineering, creators of the famous Volk Racing wheels, is considered a high-end manufacturer of JDM products. The wheels from Rays Engineering are unique in the fact that they feature a style of forging that is exclusive to the brand itself. This original method of forging lead to the creation of the Volks TE37, the first forged sports wheel with superior stress variances.

Enkei Wheels

Enkei is a renowned brand that is known for its consistent quality and performance. Car enthusiasts that love Enkei wheels love them for their modern designs, composite alloy technology, and strict adherence to safety standards.

Work Wheels

WORK is an infamous wheel manufacturer with big-name customers like Bridgestone, FUJI, and Toyota. Utilizing high-end techniques, WORK is known for its vast selection of wheels and custom-made designs.

SSR Wheels

SSR Wheels are a go-to choice for anyone looking for a JWL also known as a Japan Light Alloy Wheel. The wheels from SSR are heavily tested and undergo both endurance and strength tests. Casual and motorsport drivers alike praise SSR Wheels for their precise manufacturing processes and lightweight designs.

5zigen Wheels

5zigen is an excellent Japanese wheel brand for those who want to focus on style and speed. Known for catering to the every day and motorsport drivers, 5zigen is always one of the first sites to showcase new styles and designs.

AME Wheels

AME Wheels is another unique JDM brand. What makes AME Wheels so special is the fact that they have wheels for the casual, luxury, and motorsport driver. Being a flagship brand for over 30 years, you know you can trust AME’s quality and safety.


Where to find vintage and old school Japanese wheels?

If you’re looking for vintage Japanese wheels or wheels that are no longer on the active market, you can try an auction or customer to customer marketplace. We recommend taking a look Yahoo Auctions Japan, Croooober, and Mercari Japan.

Should I buy car parts on eBay?

You may have seen some JDM parts on eBay in the past. If you’re considering buying Japanese car parts from this site, know that eBay isn’t based in Japan. When you find foreign car parts on eBay you’re likely going to be paying a lot more than you would if you purchased them directly from overseas.

Part of the draw of JDM products is the fact that they’re difficult to acquire in the United States. This hikes up prices and leaves a lot of room for fake parts to enter the market. Using a proxy shipping service, like White Rabbit Express, allows you to utilize one of the many Japanese auctions or marketplaces online to find authentic products at the same affordable prices. This overseas access not only saves you money and time but it gives you a much broader selection than you would have in the United States.

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