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Doujinshi are self-published works in Japan. These amateur creations can be manga, light novels, magazines or even soundtracks. They are often inspired by popular manga or video games.

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Doujinshi are Japanese self-published works. Most of the time they are manga, light novels, magazines or soundtracks inspired by popular manga, anime or video games. These unofficial fan-made works can be humorous, romantic or even erotic with hentai versions of famous licenses.

Doujinshi are made by groups of creators called “circles” or “doujin”. They gather at large comic markets several times a year and also sell their works online on specialized websites. The most famous doujin convention held in Tokyo in the Comiket, this event takes place on the artificial island of Odaiba, twice a year.

Where to buy doujinshi?

Since doujin producers are amateurs, it’s very difficult to buy online or read these works from outside of Japan. These creators only target the Japanese market or don’t have the means to send their products abroad. Thankfully, White Rabbit Express can buy and ship doujinshi from Japan to your door.

There are many places where you can buy doujinshi online. You can find amateur works on Toranoana, a website specialized in selling manga-related items, including doujinshi. But Toranoana is not alone in this market, MelonBooks is also a famous doujin shop.

Another option is to buy doujin on second-hand marketplaces like Mandarake, Yahoo! Japan Auction or Mercari.

In any case, you will need to use a proxy-buying service in Japan to be able to ship your products outside of Japan. That’s why we created White Rabbit Express. Our service helps thousands of anime fans access their favorite manga… and doujinshi.

Frequently asked questions

What is a doujinshi? How to define it?

The term doujinshi is composed of “doujin” which refers to a group of people who shares the same interests, and “shi” which is a suffix used to designate periodical publications like magazines or manga chapters.

Why are many doujinshi hentai or yaoi?

A popular doujinshi theme is to create a non-canonical pairing of characters in a manga or video game license. There is a large demand for publications that are not restricted by official publishing houses because you can discover your favorite characters in their intimacy. For this reason, most doujinshi contains sexually explicit material and are directly categorized as hentai (18+).

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