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Enjoy the perfect cup of java with Japanese coffee-brewing products. We can help you buy kettles, coffee mills, grinders, and drippers from brands like Hario and Kalita direct from Japan.

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We can help you buy Coffee Making Equipment from Japan

White Rabbit Express is a buying service for Japanese Products. We can buy and ship virtually anything from Japan to nearly anywhere in the world.

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How to buy from Japan

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Japan has a strong coffee culture. All across Tokyo, you'll find old-fashioned kissaten along with modern chains like Starbucks, and more recently, small independent third-wave coffeehouses that are stepping away from the corporate big-box feel. As with most anything else they adopt, the Japanese have perfected the art of creating a perfect cup of a coffee.

How to buy a coffee machine from Japan?

Most of the Japanese online stores that sell cofee-making equipment are only available in Japanese, do not ship outside of Japan or only accept Japanese payment methods. We created White Rabbit Express to help people who want to buy products in Japan. We order the product for you and then we ship it to you as if it was you who did it.

Where to buy Japanese coffee equipement?

Here are some coffee-brewing products and brands from Japan that any java lover should try out.

  • Hario was founded in 1921 as a heatproof glass manufacturer and is well known today for its high quality coffee products like servers, drippers, kettles, coffee mills, coffee grinders, and more.
  • Kalita is one of the most famous brands in the world for coffee equipment. Established in Tokyo in 1958, Kalita is famous for their Wave Series, Coffee Drippers, Glass Servers, and Coffee Mills.

Individually packaged one-time-use pour overs:

These are super convenient for travel or to bring to the office, because you can create a fresh cup of hand-dripped coffee with nothing more than a mug and hot water. Some high-end coffee roasters even make their own variety so you don't have to sacrifice quality for convenience. Two very popular brands are UCC and Key Coffee.

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To learn more about high quality coffee equipment made in Japan, check out the website for Kyoto based shop Kurasu.

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