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Bearbrick, a Medicom Toy figurine series, is popular among toy collectors. Despite this success, it's still tricky to get some rare models outside Japan. Fortunately, White Rabbit Express can help you!

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What is a Be@rbrick?

Bearbrick, often written Be@rbrick, is a series of collectible figurines created by the Japanese company Medicom Toy. All these figures have the same anthropomorphic-bear shape. They are most often made of different removable parts: the arms, legs, and head are articulated. In some way, these toys are reminiscent of Lego characters.

The first Bearbrick figurine was produced in 2001 for the World Character Convention 12 in Tokyo. Since then, this plastic model has become a pop phenomenon worldwide. Many brands and artists have collaborated with Medicom Toy to offer Bearbrick in their colors. Some of these exclusive figures cost thousands of dollars now.

There are two new collections a year. One is released during the summer and the other during the winter.

Import Bearbrick from Japan

How to buy a Japanese Bearbrick

It is quite challenging to buy Bearbrick in some parts of the world. Medicom Toy sells its plastic toys first and foremost in Japan. It means that if you live abroad and have access to some of their products, there is no way you can buy all the Bearbricks produced in Japan.

Even if you are looking to buy on Japanese sites, it's a safe bet that you'll face an issue that will prevent you from completing your order. Indeed, most Japanese e-businesses don't ship their products abroad.

The best way to get Japanese Bearbricks is to go through a proxy purchase service such as White Rabbit Express. We can help you buy on any Japanese site. We order for you from the website you've selected; then we ship your package to your address abroad once we receive it at our office in Tokyo.

Where to buy Bearbricks from Japan?

Medicom Toy, the company that produces these adult toys, does not sell its figures directly on the Bearbrick website. The Japanese firm recommends three famous online stores in Japan:


Rakuten is one of the largest e-commerce sites in Japan. You will find absolutely all types of Japanese products there, including Bearbricks.

The official Bearbrick store on Rakuten:

We have created a guide that will help you understand how to buy products from abroad on this platform. Indeed, many sellers are small merchants who don't ship their products overseas. Fortunately, you can get any product on Rakuten through White Rabbit Express.

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Yahoo Shopping:

Yahoo is very popular in Japan. Its search engine is still competing with Google. Yahoo offers many other services, such as a shopping platform on which Medicom Toy has a shop.

The official Bearbrick shop on Yahoo Shopping:

White Rabbit Express recommends that you take a look at Yahoo Auctions Japan if you want to buy a Be@rbrick that is no longer produced. This website is Japan's most popular auction platform. You will find many rare second-hand items at very competitive prices.

Most vendors on Yahoo Auctions don't ship overseas. But that's not a problem if you use White Rabbit Express. We've created a tutorial that tells you how you can bid on this platform through our step-by-step proxy shopping service.

Find out more: How to buy from Yahoo Auctions with a proxy buying service


Zozotown is the most famous Japanese online store for clothing. Their site offers thousands of products made by Japanese and European brands. Medicom Toy has a shop on this platform, where it sells clothes, sneakers and figures.

The official Medicom Toy shop on Zozotown:

Like Yahoo Auctions and Rakuten, Zozotown does not ship their products overseas. You can use White Rabbit Express to order products on this Japanese online reference. To do so, you will find a little tutorial on the link below.

Find out more: How to buy from Zozotown with a proxy shopping service

Figures sizes

Extra Small: Be@rbrick 50%

The 50% Bearbricks are half the height of standard-sized figures. Their size is 3.5 centimeters high, making them perfect keychains.

Small: Be@rbrick 70%

The 70% Bearbrick is just slightly smaller than the standard size. It's 5 centimeters high.

Medium: Be@rbrick 100%

The standard size of a Bearbrick is 7 centimeters high. This template comes in four styles, including:

  • The basic form is composed of 9 detachable parts.
  • A version for children, where the parts are not detachable.
  • A model molded in one piece.

Large: Be@rbrick 400%

Bearbricks of this size are 28 centimeters tall. They are therefore four times larger than the standard size figures, which explains their name "400%".

Extra large: Be@rbrick 1000%

Bearbricks of this size are 70 centimeters high. It's ten times bigger than a standard figure. That's why they are called "1000%".

Two other sizes that haven't been produced for several years: 200% (14 centimeters) and 150% (10.5 centimeters).

BAPE Bearbrick

The famous Japanese streetwear brand BATHING APE collaborated with Medicom Toy to release several Bearbricks using the patterns of the Japanese sweaters. BAPE made several special T-shirts and sweatshirts for this event.

This collection went on sale in March 2018 on BAPE and Zozotown online stores and in Bathing Ape Japanese stores in Tokyo (Shibuya, Harajuku, and Aoyama) and Osaka.

These items have become extremely rare, but can be purchased on Japanese P2P marketplaces such as Mercari or Otamart, or auction platforms like Yahoo Auctions Japan.

Unfortunately for non-Japanese buyers, it is not possible to buy directly from abroad on all the sites we just mentioned. That's why we've created White Rabbit Express, a proxy purchase service that allows people around the world to purchase products that can only be purchased in Japan.

Find out more:

Kaws Bearbrick

In 2016, Brian Donnelly, an American artist also known as Kaws, worked with Medicom Toy to create action figures with the features of his emblematic skull head character.

Other Bearbrick products


Rabbrick figures are like Bearbricks except that their head has two rabbit ears. It's this model that was used to create the Medicom Toy Bugs Bunny figure that celebrated the anniversary of Space Jam.

Bearbrick Train

Medicom Toy has made several train-shaped toys to go with its Bearbrick series. These colorful trains also have a teddy bear face. A piece of the top of the vehicle can be detached to leave enough space to put a Bearbrick 400%.

Choro-Q Bearbrick

Original Fake has joined Takara to offer car-shaped toys for the Bearbrick series. Each of these small vehicles is made so that a 100% Bearbrick figure can be inserted into the seat of the small car.


What is the most expensive Bearbrick?

The world's most expensive Bearbrick was auctioned for 6 million new Taiwanese dollars (US $ 189,675). This art piece is the "Qiu Tu" 1000% Bearbrick, a unique piece that was created for an exhibition by artist Yue Minjun in 2008.

How to recognize a fake Bearbrick?

It is very easy to buy Be@rbrick counterfeits from Chinese sites, such as Aliexpress. Although these figurines are often cheaper, they are also poorly made compared to the official figures of Medicom Toy, as evidenced by the video below:

In the video, the figure is made of vinyl instead of PVC. The joints are less fluid than on the official versions. You will have more trouble moving your bear's head, legs, and arms. At the same time, the Chinese copy is less stable than the originals when it's put on its feet.

If you shake your fake Be@rbrick, chances are its legs will move on their own. This doesn't happen with real models when they are new.

Another quick way to see if you have a fake Bearbrick is to look at the inscriptions under its feet. If it's a real Bearbrick, you will find a "Medicom Toy" logo on one foot and the "Be@rbrick" logo on the other. Many counterfeits don't even respect this detail.

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