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Anime figures are a big part of Otaku culture. Many manga and anime fans like to collect figurines of their favorite characters. Some of them are extremely rare and can only be found in Japan.

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How to buy from Japan

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Akihabara in Tokyo or Denden Town in Osaka are well-known places where you can buy figures from anime. Those neighborhoods gather hundreds of shops specialized in the manga culture.

With White Rabbit Express, you don’t need to buy flight tickets for Tokyo to choose from the widest selection of anime figures in the world. Just browse on our selection of Japanese e-commerce websites and tell us which figure you want to purchase.

Where to buy anime figures in Japan?

There are many Japanese websites where you can find anime figures, but many of them just ship to Japan. Access all those Japanese figurines for sale by using White Rabbit Express. Here is our list of favourite shops where you can buy anime goods:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common types of anime figures in Japan?

Anime action figures

Action figures are poseable character figurines made of plastic. Japan is famous for its anime action figures market, whose heart is Akihabara, in Tokyo. Among the Japanese companies that produce this kind of figures in Japan, Good Smile Company and Megahouse are the most popular.

Anime pop figures

Pop figures by Funko are famous all around the world. Some of these minimalistic and cute figurines are representing characters from memorable anime and manga like Naruto or Sailor Moon.

Anime chibi figures

Pop figures are part of a wider category of figures: the Chibi figures. In Japanese slang, chibi designates something short. The term comes from the verb “chibiru” which means “to dull”. It’s a caricatural style where characters are super deformed. This kind of figurines is really popular in Japan right now, especially with the Nendoroid series.

Where to find sexy anime figures?

You can buy sexy anime figures, sometimes even nudes, on the major Japanese figures online shops.

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