Cool things you can buy in Japan that you can’t buy here

Why buy from Japan?

Many Japanese websites sell exclusive products in Japan. Unfortunately, most of these e-commerce sites do not ship internationally, so many cool Japanese items cannot be bought in your country.

That's why we created the best proxy buying service in Japan: White Rabbit Express. Our service allows you to buy on any Japanese site as if you were living in Japan. In fact, you simply have to tell us what you want to buy, then we order it for you and ship it to your address abroad.

You will not need to buy plane tickets to Tokyo to get the Japanese things you dreamed of. Thanks to White Rabbit Express, you can buy Japanese products as if you were in Japan.

Things you can only buy in Japan

Here is a list of Japanese product categories that people not residing in Japan like to buy on the web. Of course, White Rabbit Express can help you buy any of these products.


Discover the best Japanese sites to buy exclusive Amiibo in Japan. White Rabbit Express is here to help you import the Nintendo figures you want.

Anime Figures

Most otakus dream of having figurines of their favorite anime characters. Increase your choices by buying your goodies directly from Japan.

Arts & Craft Supplies

Handicrafts play an important role in the Japanese daily life. Japan is a country deeply rooted in its traditions. Japanese craftmans are numerous and specialized in many fields.

Audio Equipment

The Japanese are among the best manufacturers of audio products in the world. Their best known brands are Audio Technica, Luxman, Denon, Sony, Hitachi, Pioneer, Maxwell, Ikeda and Onkyo.

Baby Clothes and Toys

Buying clothes for your baby in Japan give you the guarantee that you'll have stylish and safe outfits for your child.

Bearbrick Figures

Bearbrick is a plastic toy made by the Japanese company Medicom Toy. This adult toy has become popular with many designers and brands that have fallen in love with the curvy shape of these little plastic bears.

Books, Movies, & Music

Japanese pop culture has spread all over the world. You can buy CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays and other J-Pop goodies on many Japanese sites.

Cameras, Lenses and Accessories

Canon, Panasonic, Nikon, Sony ... The best camera brands are Japanese. You can directly buy your photo material from Japanese sites.

Coffee Making Equipment

We can help you buy kettles, coffee mills, grinders, and drippers from brands like Hario and Kalita direct from Japan.

Contact Lenses

In Japan, many online shops make it easy to order contacts from a wide variety of popular brands without ever leaving your house or submitting an official doctor's prescription.


Cosplay was born in Japan during otaku culture conventions. That's why many Japanese stores are specialized in this niche.


Dakimakura are giant Japanese pillows blanketed with a cover depicting a manga or anime character.


Japanese denim is a highly sought after fabric due to its durability, unique texture, and dyeing process. Not only is Japanese denim heavier than most other jeans, but most brands are designed to age slowly and attractively with time.


Doujinshi are artistic works produced and self-published by amateurs. This term covers many media but most often refers to manga and light novels.


Japanese electronic products have been part of our daily life for several decades now. You can buy them directly from specialized Japanese websites.

Eye Drops

Japan offers a wide selection of eye drops. These drops are adapted to different conditions, and prevent and treat various ailments.

Fishing Equipment

Fishing rods and other fishing gear made in Japan are famous all over the world. Several specialized sites offer a wide choice of products adapted to all types of fishing.

Fountain Pens and Ink

Japan has a large culture of fountain pens and ink production. That's why some Japanese companies in this sector have been around for more than a century.

Green Tea

Japanese tea has an excellent reputation around the world, including matcha. They are so popular that teas grown in Japan are often reserved for a premium market.

Gunpla Model Kits

Ever wanted your own Gundam? You can build scale models of popular mobile suit designs with a Gunpla model kit!

Jewelry & Accessories

Several luxury brands offer jewelry made in Japan. Whether it's Japanese pearls, diamonds or gems, you can buy them directly from Japanese online stores.


Japanese makeup is known for its high-quality ingredients and superiority over American and European brands. If you’re looking to create a healthy and flawless appearance, Japanese makeup, both high-end and drugstore, can help you achieve that.

Men's Hair Products

No matter what style you're into, there's a myriad of different Japanese hair products for you to try.


Buy candies and other treats that you can only find in Japan directly in Japanese online shops.

Sneakers & Shoes

Brands from around the world sell exclusive sneakers in Japan. These models are often extravagant or (per contra) very sober and traditional.


Whether it's stamps, pencils, notebooks, erasers, tape, or folders, once you experience the high quality of Japanese products you'll find it hard to go back.


Beautiful aesthetics and attention to detail are deeply embedded in Japanese culture, and this is evident in Japan's beautiful tableware.


Many famous watch brands are Japanese, such as Oriental, Citizen, Casio and Seiko. All these manufacturers are renowned for innovating in the watch industry.



Why some products are only available in Japan?

Selling more is not a priority for every Japanese company

Many Japanese companies do not see any interest in setting up their business abroad. They do not always realize that there is a market for their products outside of Japan. This is particularly the case in the video game and manga sectors.

Most often, the majority of the market is in the Japanese archipelago. Fans from other countries of the world represent only niches. These smaller audiences are more expensive to serve. It is often necessary to localize content in a new language, to adapt the product to the legislation of each country, to find distributors in these regions before being able to really market a product outside Japan. This takes time and is a risk for many Japanese companies that have a lack of knowledge from abroad.

Some Japanese companies are simply afraid of not being able to deliver the same quality of service as in Japan. The Japanese are perfectionists, and the company reputation is almost always the most important value for both executives and employees. The profit generated by the company is not always a priority for them.

A strategy to increase the product value

On the other hand, the Japanese market is special. It is sometimes financially attractive for some brands to offer exclusive products in Japan. In this case, it is a deliberate decision that aims to increase the value of the product in the eyes of Japanese consumers. This kind of marketing technique makes the misfortune of foreign collectors.